A visit to Swines Meadow Farm Nursery on the hottest day

So here I am, starting cautiously, carefully, venturing out into the world again.  I was taking a few days off from work and after a chat with a friend we decided that a good use of one of those days would be to visit Swines Meadow Farm Nursery in Market Deeping.  Regular readers will know I have visited this nursery often over the years so a return visit is always welcome.  Originally we were going to visit on the Monday, but the forecast was for constant rain so I swapped my time off to go on the Friday afternoon instead.  A day, it turns out, forecast to be the hottest day of the year so far.
In order to visit you have to make an appointment and careful social distancing is in place.  We took our face-coverings and a picnic lunch.  We found a tiny scrap of shade in the car park and had lunch before wandering in.  It is always a joy to see Karan, Colin and Marcus and these days it is an extra joy to know that people are keeping well and keeping going.  To say times are hard out there is like saying the sun is a bit warm.
We had a good wander around, catching up with our news and exploring what was on offer.
There are always many wonderful plants to be seen at the nursery.  There is always far too much choice.
Look at this mahonia, it looks like flames.
Really look at it - I think it is just wonderful.  It is Mahonia x savilliana.  I did not pick one up at the visit but be certain it is on the list.

I did not return home empty handed though, that would be impossible.
This is Angelica anomala, it is a perennial angelica (no I didn't know there was such a thing either).  It looks a bit battered from the very hot car journey home.
but look at the new growth and how it is unfurling.  This is going to be  a great addition to the garden.  Apparently it will self seed around as well, I look forward to this.

I had a really good visit, it was great to be out and about and at the same time feel safe.  I hope to return again soon.
I told Bruce all about the visit as this nursery is where he came from some years ago.  He sends his love.


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