RHS Tatton Park is at home this year

This year of cancelled events continues and this week I am not going to RHS Tatton Park Flower Show.  I was determined to visit this year as I had enjoyed myself so much when I reaquainted myself with the show in 2019.  As mentioned at the time, work commitments make this show difficult for me to visit and whilst this year it was going to clash again, I had worked out a way I could attend.  Sadly though, it was not to be.
Last year I had a whale of a time - or should I say snail of a time considering how big they appear to be there!  

I amused myself by reading back on my post from 2013 when I visited the show.
I was apparently a little obsessed with giraffes at that time.
It was also a year when there seemed to be a yellow theme in the planting.  I am quite a fan of yellow in the garden though I know many are not.  I find it a cheerful happy colour.  I feel in need of cheering happy colour at the moment.
Pelagonium Rushmoor Mississippi - not bought at Tatton but a cheerful yellow

Thankfully the RHS are enabling us to celebrate RHS Tatton Park 'at home' this year.  They will be announcing the 'Young Designer of the Year' as usual and there will be lots of garden design inspiration.  There will be practical advice and demonstrations too.  Very importantly there is a link for us to support the nurseries that cannot now sell at the show.  This year has been catastrophic for so many businesses of all types, if it is possible to support then it is good to be able to do so.
I shall miss my visit to what I always think of as the friendliest of the RHS shows.  As ever though the main priority is that we stay safe.  All being well there will be next year to look forward to and I shall intend to make my way northwards this time next year.

Stay safe all.