Irritating Plant of the Month July 2020 - like a rubber ball....

A rubber plant, Ficus Elastica Robusta, is a great house plant to grow.  I remember when I first left home buying one for the house and being very proud of it.  It latest for many years until it finally decided it had had enough and died.  I replaced it quickly as a home without a rubber plant is incomplete as far as I am concerned.  I have probably had this plant a good ten years or so now and all was well.  It took up a large amount of space in the conservatory and was getting to the top heavy toppling over stage.  Dear reader, I decided to cut it back a bit so that it could sprout from a lower point and be a more manageable size.
Well of course it hasn't regrown.  It has sulked beyond sulking.  I have fed it liquid seaweed.  I have spoken words of love to it, and it sits there, refusing to make eye contact with me.
I took a couple of cuttings from the prunings in the hope that they might root.  
They are not dead yet and seem to be growing.  I am relatively hopeful for them.
They look more healthy than the parent plant that's for sure!

Because the rubber plant was sulking so much, I refreshed its compost and shoved it outside to see if the summer air would make it happy. 
It is looking like this may have worked:  look, there are signs of life.  So whilst the sulking is irritating, maybe just maybe there will be a happy ending?

Time will tell.

Stay safe all.