Tree Following June 2020 - watching the quincelets

When I wrote the Tree following post for May we had just had some late frosts.  These frosts caused quite a lot of damage in the garden though superficially the quince trees seemed untouched.  The frosts were followed by gale force winds and then baking hot sun and no rain.  May was been a bit of a month.   June has started with some very welcome rain.  I can almost hear the garden drinking.
The gale force winds in particular stripped many of the quincelets in particular from Quince Minor.  I think these were the ones killed off  by the frosts.
Thankfully nature has a way of trying to make things right when it can and both Quince Minor
and Quince Major have responded by having some late blossoms.

Even with this late helping hand there are still quincelets on both trees.
The ones are Quince Minor are quite a lot smaller than those on Quince Major
They are different quince varieties so this may not mean much in itself.  I am feeling relatively hopeful I might get at least one quince per tree this year.
Time, as ever, will tell.

More followed trees can be found here on Squirrelbasket's blog 


  1. As ever, your quinces provide a lot of drama! We have had very high winds here in Halifax too. And today is so cold I've had to put the heating on. Had got used to the idea that I wouldn't need it now till the autumn.

    1. Thanks. It's been chilly here too, I lit the fire last night which I also did not expect to do in June.

  2. You too? I noticed blossom on the quince here at the end of May and was nearly as confused as the tree. Also a lack of quincelets of my tree (I think I've spotted two) so I hope you're right that the tree is at least trying! (I have been giving it a good drink during the hot weather.)

    1. I don't think the drought as helped at all - it might be a poor year for fruit trees... I think my bramley doesn't look as heavy with fruit as usual years.

  3. Hi,
    Never ate a Quince...I'll have to put that on my list of new
    things to try out...have a great day!

  4. Lovely variety of stages in your pictures. Pretty flower!
    Our gardens may have been visibly drinking in the welcome rain at first, but now I think they may be drowning, at least in this part of the country!
    All the best :)

  5. One quince per tree would be lovely!


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