Review - Plants for All Seasons

I was recently contacted by the nice people at to see if I would like to receive some of their plants.  I have to be transparent and say that I have not paid for these plants but my words and opinions are, as ever, my own.
Before agreeing to accept the plants I had a good look around the website.  If there were no plants that were of interest to me then there was little point in going ahead.  Thankfully there were no issues with me not being able to find good plants to choose.  I struggled to decide what not to have.

Plants For All Seasons sells British grown plants.  This means that they do not have far to travel to reach you and even in these lockdown days, the plants arrived looking fresh and healthy.  They also sell quite a few different categories of plants so I decided I would try and choose across the range.  The complete range covers: Alpines, Bedding, Climbers, Grow your own, Indoor Plants, Perennials and Shrubs.  There are also some very nice Collections that help you if you cannot decide what to choose.   I had six plants to choose so I had to focus.

My first choice was this amazing Euphorbia lactea Cristata Red.  £9.99 from the Indoor Plants section.
Its one of those 'so ugly its beautiful' type of plants.  I have wanted one for a while so this was an opportunity I could not pass by.
It is just stunning.  It is also very spiny and it has already speared me twice.  

Next up, I moved on to Bedding: Petunia surfinia Deep Red £4.99
I have a sort of guilty pleasure relationship with petunias.  I feel that I ought to be snooty about them as many people are, but this is just such a pretty plant, what is not to love?  Don't say the sticky leaves!  This one does not even appear to be that sticky.  You will notice the nice recyclable pot as well, this is always a good thing to see.

From the Perennial section I chose two plants: firstly Astilbe Arendsii Red £8.99
I have never grown Astilbes previously and, in honesty, I have never been quite sure if I like them or not.  I loved how red this one looked in the photograph and I think it will look good in my Exotic Border.  I shall report back on how it develops.

I also chose this Digitalis Pink Panther £5.00
I was very interested in growing a perennial foxglove.  I have had a different perennial variety in the past and it did not live very long, so I am hopeful that this one might perform better.  I  will keep you updated as to progress.

My next choice was from the Climbers section:  Hydrangea petiolaris £9.99
This plant is on my 'you've already killed a couple of these' list.  For some reason I have not done well with them, so this is the 'third and last chance' attempt.  The plant looks healthy enough and I know if it does not thrive that will be down to me not the plant.

My final choice was from the shrubs section:  Lavatera Clementii Barnsley £8.99
I used to have one of these at a previous house, for some reason I have planted one here yet, so it was a good opportunity to rectify this.  It is a large, fast growing shrub that gets smothered in pink flowers.  Bees love it and it is perfect for a sunny spot.  I knew exactly where this one is going to go in the front garden.  
I was pleased to see that it has buds on already so I am expecting it to flower soon.

All the plants are in 9cm pots and as you can see most are the nice recyclable ones.  They arrived promptly and well packaged.   At the moment there are a couple of nice offers on the website.  You can mix and match across the range of clematis and shrubs:  three for £20 and/or buy any four perennials for £33.  This is very good value.  Standard delivery is £5.99, next day delivery is £7.99 and there is free delivery for orders over £50.

One of the things I was asked was whether I would like to do an unboxing video.  I have never done one previously but never say never.  I decided a long time ago to say yes to things when asked so if you want to have a look here it is.  Be kind!

(details and prices correct at time of publishing)