Not at Chatsworth Flower Show

My calendar is mocking me, it is full of all the events I am not going to this year.  Each month I turn another page and there are the days blocked out, marked up and held safe for the now cancelled events.  Whilst this saddens me I obviously appreciate that no one expected this year to turn out this way.  This week I am not at RHS Chatsworth Flower Show, so I decided I would celebrate Chatsworth Flower Show at home instead.
As previously mentioned it is my local RHS show and therefore precious to me.  I enjoy going and I usually buy quite a few very nice plants there.  The first year the show  was held was in 2017 and I gleefully went along really looking forward at what there would be to explore.  Despite a couple of hiccoughs I had a great time and I bought this tiny Sinningia leucotricha.
At the time I said she looked like a textile project...
Well baby look how you've grown!
She is gearing up to be amazing this year and I cannot wait.
I remain as in love with her as I did the first time I saw her.  #happysigh

Onwards to 2018 and a hiccough free show.  I bought a couple of plants that again, I still have and love.
The Senecio 'Angel Wings' was 'the' must-have plant that year, still is actually, and is happily growing in a pot in the garden.  
She is looking a little seedy as she is a bit too close to the bird feeders.
She's also got a bit leggy so I cut a bit off to see if she would propagate easily and yes she does.
This is Hylotelephium 'Jose Aubergine', another great plant and still happily doing its thing in the garden.

Last year I called my visit 'plant buying heaven' and indeed it was.  I bought quite a lot of plants, and it was a great day.  The only plant that I no longer have is the coleus.  The others are still doing very well.
Here is Hosta Monster Ears
and Hosta Purple Heart.  Two great plants.
The Kangeroo Paw plant flowered all last year and has made it through the winter.  It is not flowering yet this year but I live in hope.
The bonsai tree is still alive (major success for me) and I have even trimmed it a little to keep in shape.  
and the Senecio stapeliiformis lives upstairs in the sewing room and makes me smile.

So I might not be at Chatsworth this year, but Chatsworth is still with me.

Stay safe all.