Tree following March 2020

March already, it is March already!  How did this happen?  I know, like it always does: one day at a time.....

Meanwhile at Quince Central...
Life is returning quickly to the Quince Trees: Major and Minor.
Each of these chartreuse packages contains a potential quincelet, a quinceling, that tiny spark of hope that will emerget blossom-shaped and then become what it is destined to be.
I love this time of year.  It is all about hope and what may be.  Yes there most likely will still be frost, the trees might float away if we get much more rain, the garden might collapse into a sink-hole.  Anything is possible and until I know what is, I have hope of what could be.
We have escaped lightly from frost and snow so far this year, but we are not out of the snow/frost zone for some weeks yet.  Dear, dear, quince trees, hang in there and do not succumb to the cold.  This is the year for you both to fruit.

More followed trees can be found hosted by Squirrelbasket.


  1. What lovely photos! I hope your quince trees do well this year.

    1. Thanks - fingers crossed we do not get late frosts!

  2. A beautiful colour green (or chartreuse, as you say). Very healthy looking.
    All the best :)

    1. Thanks, I am keeping everything crossed that we do not get hard frosts now

  3. Lovely signs of spring arriving.


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