Snowdrop time in the garden

I find it quite difficult not to be obsessed with snowdrops at this time of year.  I have quite a few in the garden these days; several years of incrementally planting more and splitting clumps have really paid off.  There are other flowers in the garden but it seems to be the snowdrops that currently steal the show.
The day I took this photos was quite damp, but this did not seem to trouble the snowdrops too much.
There are snowdrops just as you enter the front gate.  They give light to this shady border under the magnolia.
They range out under the Medlar Tree,

This year they are getting a little swamped in the Wild Garden by the Cow Parsley which is growing fast due to the mild weather.
This little group in between the Four Sisters are all from Easton Walled Gardens.  I like to plant ones from special places where I will remember where they came from.
They dot around Natasha and Elsie,
and arc around Catalpa tree.

Most are G.nivalis, but some are G.flore pleno.
I do not have many 'special' ones, but this is G.Wasp.
This is G.Allison Hilary just about to start flowering (you will note G.Modern Art is noticeable by its absence behind).
and G. Madelaine, the most prized of all in my garden, is looking a bit leafy but no sign of a flower as yet.  Where there is life there is hope.....