Nine years....

... nine years!  I have now been writing this blog for nine years which seems quite incredible to me.  I never intended to write it for nine years, but then I had no plan at all when I started.  I just started writing and wondered where it would take me.
What a nine years it has been.  I have made some amazing friends, met some incredible people and been on adventures I would never have thought possible.  Yet through all this, the garden is the centre of my blog.  No matter where else I visit, no matter what adventures I go on, the garden is the heart of this blog and the heart of me.  We progress together, having ups and downs, we fall out we make up.  I threaten to leave and you pull me back from brink.  Whenever I get home from being away it is the garden I urgently need to make contact with.  As the evenings get lighter I resume my routine of winding down from the day by wandering around the garden.  Home is where the heart is, the garden looks after the soul.
I looked up what the ninth anniversary is and apparently it is pottery.  This made me think of this little group currently brightening the front door step.
I do not overtly celebrate this blogaversary every year but when I realised it was blogaversaray time I realised that next year will be its tenth anniversary.  This has rather focussed my mind.  Admittedly something may happen in the next twelve months and I may stop writing, anything is always possible and none of us know what is around the corner.  The intention at this moment in time though is to keep on keeping on and I am making plans.  Grand plans, ludicrous plans and fun plans.  So stay tuned.....


  1. Happy Blogversary! Congratulations on 9 years!

  2. Congratulations on the nine year anniversary, true staying power. Planning is half the fun especially when the weather gets too wild for gardening


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