Tree following January 2020 - they sleep

We are only a few days into January 2020, just on the very start of the decade and the quince trees are currently sleeping.
As is my habit I stand in front of Quine Major and Quince Minor to see how they are changing through the months of the year.  January is probably when they are at their quietest.  I look to see if buds are forming and I imagine how many of them might turn into quinces.  Quince Major has proven quince abilities from the last two years and Quince Minor is yet to reach that maturity.  Soon, I whisper to Minor, soon.
Quince Minor waggles its branches at me quite childishly I think, maybe to alert me that it might not be ready yet to quince.
Quince Major has had a bit of a prune.  I am not an expert pruner (understatement) so I am hoping I have not pruned away its fruiting ability.
As ever time will tell, as ever I love these trees whether they fruit or not as they are exceptionally good garden trees in their own right.

But don't get me wrong......

I want quinces.

The quest for a quince 2020 is on!

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