A Plantation

I had a farm in Leicester..... no, no, that is not true, I have garden it is just a garden and yet, and yet here I am on the cusp of my own coffee plantation.

You don't believe me? shame on you.  Let me present exhibit A
This is my own little coffee plant.  I bought two late last year, one for my son for a christmas present and one for myself - isn't that the way we all buy christmas presents?  I waited for them to arrive with barely concealed excitement.  Then they arrived and as I picked the parcel up it made that sound.  You know that sound, that sound that no parcel should make.  The sound from the parcel was of broken pottery.  I opened the parcel with trepidation and the pots surrounding the plants were smashed to smithereens. Quel horreur!

I rang the seller and explained the issue.  I sent photos of the mess and explained that the plants were fine but the containers were not.  No problem, I was told, replacements are winging their way to you as we speak.....

and they were.  They arrived within a day or so and so after gifting one to my son as per the original intention, I now have three coffee plants.  Three plants that I admit I was not sure how robust they would be,  I feared they might die within days in a pointsettia sort of way.
Here they are, a good six weeks after arrival still looking perky and growing well.  I have given them a bit of a seaweed feed and they smiled back at me in appreciation.  I am more than pleased with them and think it might be the start of Leicester's first coffee plantation.  A girl can dream.....


  1. I think the weather may need to improve a lot! Lovely glossy leaves to enjoy though.


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