End of Month Review - November 2019

Apparently Leicestershire had more than its usual monthly average of rain by November 17th this year.  To say it has rained a lot this autumn is a bit like saying 'some people are bit divided in opinion about the General Election'.  It feels like it has rained almost every day and the garden is beyond sodden.  There has been standing water in places, not a lot, but having any at all is more than is usual. November ended with a sharp sudden frost, just to make sure we understand winter is coming.
It is also now the dark time of year.  Dark when I go to work and dark when I return.  The weekends are an oasis of happiness when I get to see what my garden has been up to Monday to Friday.
I have been bulb planting the last couple of weekends.  I had been very good and not bought any.  Then the sales offered me too many bargains so I bought a few narcissus and tulips; not many and mainly to be in containers.
Though the local foxes did have to check to make sure they really were tulips in the pots.
There has also been some bare-root tree buying.  Three hawthorns to fill a gap in the hedge and a larch to make me smile.  Currently they are heeled into the veg beds but soon they will be planted out properly.
The lawn needs cutting and the leaves are falling.  Autumn colour is still clinging on before December brings us winter.  The lawn has the last remaining windfall apples scattered across it.  They are half-eaten by birds and this makes me happy.  I am very happy to share and have more apples than I can ever use.  Sometimes I see a fox wandering across the garden with an apple in its mouth, this is always a happy sight.
The Magnolia Leonard Messel has caught an apple, I did not know he had such catching skills and I am impressed as he is not directly under an apple tree.
In the Wild Garden there are pools of autumn leaves under the trees.
The Winter Honeysuckle is starting to flower, this is one of my favourite winter shrubs for scent.  It is also very important for late/early pollinators, I cannot recommend this shrub enough.
The Corkscrew Hazel is in catkin preparation stage, a sign that spring is not really so far away.
The roses are generally looking like they have had too much rain.
The Prairie Borders are in their skeletal finest stage.  Even with the amount of rain there has been, they still look good.
There has been a bit of a shuffle around in the Courtyard Garden.  The Monkey Puzzle Tree, bought a few years ago has grown well.  It was tiny when I bought it and it has now achieved the grand size known as small.
and the pond?  The pond is full.

With thanks as ever to Helen for founding this meme.