Tree Following November 2019 - Hello Autumn

You know how it is, one moment there you are looking up at your singular quince.....
The next moment you are wondering where it has gone - quince down!
There is no point in crying over fallen quince.  The wildlife in the garden will have enjoyed it and that is a good enough thought for me.

So I move on, focussing on the now rather than what was
Autumn is starting to make itself known.  Quince Major has a ripple of yellow.
I love how the quince tree leaves embrace autumn.  The yellow of the leaves and the fantastic red of the stems.
Autumn creeps through the leaves giving a new aspect to them.
The quince trees, irrespective of whether they fruit or not,  are a good addition to the autumn garden.
Quince Minor is also starting to turn.  Minor has had a much better year this year, he has been far healthier so I am hoping this bodes well for next year.  Time will tell.

Thanks as ever to Squirrelbasket, the guardian of the followed trees.


  1. Well, there goes the fruit. Better luck next year!

  2. Good colour this year - the leaves look quince yellow :)


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