The Haemanthus

In April this year I went to a plant Fair at Swines Meadow Farm Nursery and I bought several plants including a Haemanthus albiflos.  At the time when I bought it I was told that it was not the most exciting of plants apart from when it flowered.  Now this is true of many plants and I rather liked its duck-billed appearance so the purchase was made.
I put it in a nice sunny place and I watered it carefully and fed it routinely.  It produced a few more leaves.  It was however, as predicted, just a little dull.  I started to not take much notice of it.
Then one day I suddenly noticed it was doing something.
something exciting....
really exciting.
Suddenly I was watching it intently, checking in on it every day.
How amazing is this flower?  Apparently it is also known as the Paintbrush flower, I can see why.

just when I was happy enough with this plant ......  
.... I realised there was more joy to come.
All the feeding and looking after this plant, even when I had decided it was quite dull, have paid off.  It might not be the most exciting plant generally, but when it flowers it makes full use of its time to shine.


  1. Wow - that is a spectacular flower! (I rather like the leaves too.)
    Best wishes


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