Product Review - Treadstone Clip Gloves

Hands up who never loses one glove when gardening?  Both hands up!  I need to see how many of you actually have both gloves on!  I was sent a pair of Treadstone Clip Gloves to try as these have the answer we have been looking for (when not looking for our missing gloves......).  I have to be transparent and say that I have not paid for these gloves, but my words and opinions are my own and this post has not been approved or edited by anyone else.
These very practical gloves are ideal for the garden.  I know gardeners are divided into those who wear gloves and those who do not and I am firmly in the 'garden glove wearing' category.
There are three different types of Clip Glove in the range: Heavy, Medium and  Light Duty and the ones I have are the latter.  The gloves are latex coated which gives good grip and sensitivity and have a polyester lining.  They have a soft comfy almost towelling type outer which is perfect for absorbing sweat.
It is, however, the clip that makes them even more special.  You can clip them to you,
and so if, like me, you sometimes do tasks with one glove on and one not (yes that is how I lose one all the time), then these are the gloves for you.

and, thankfully, you can buy additional clips should you decide to lose the clip rather than the glove.

The gloves are available from garden centres and online.  I have found them retailing at around £7.99.

I am still using these gloves routinely and I am very happy with them, so I am happy to recommend.