Autumn is tapping at the door

According to the meterological calendar Autumn starts on September 1st.  I have generally taken the view that Autumn starts at the equinox, but seasons are generally not respecters of opinions or calendars.  The garden is telling me that Autumn is waiting on the threshold to be let in.
The Aldi acer is always at the fore-front of calling Autumn.  The leaves are starting to turn.
The conkers are falling.  They will be buried all over the garden by squirrels and I get seedlings popping up.  I become instantly childish (more childish) at the sight of conkers.  There is something so beautiful about the colour of a freshly unpodded conker, they are so smooth and shiny.  I always thought the game of conkers was cruelty to such a beautiful thing.  They bring joy.
The cyclamen are popping up.  Such a small beauty.
and the Spindle Tree berries are just on the verge of opening.
Berries are appearing around the garden.
The blackberries that surround the house, climbing into the trees and rampaging through the borders, are ripening well.
It is also a good year for hawthorns.  I love how they sparkle along the side hedge.
Seed heads are ripening.
The Heptacodium miconiodes  (better known as the Hexadecimal) is flowering and has such wonderful scent.  It is always a joy this time of year.
and the little ornamental peach by the back door is starting to flush.

I love Autumn, it is the end of things and the start of things.  I need to order some bulbs for next year, I am taking cuttings and saving seeds.  There is not one gardening year as each season starts a different cycle, each cycle has its beauty and also its issues.  This is what the garden gives to me, always changing, always constant, never being boring.  (happy sigh)