Tree following - suckers

I have been following my quince trees for five years (yes five) and they have not moved one inch in all that time.  Now, suddenly, I have reason to believe that Quince Major is making a bid for freedom.
I realised whilst mowing the grass around the quince trees the other day that there were little treelets appearing.
I knelt down on the ground to look at them more closely.  They looked like little quince trees to me.
and there were quite a few.  The more I looked the more I realised I was looking at suckers from the trees roots.  Suckers are not the best of things to have as they will take some energy from the main tree.

Dear reader, I mowed them.

Before I mowed them though,
I pulled up one of the roots from the ground.
and planted them up into pots.  Well why not I thought, it might be the start of my own quince forest.....  or they might get bonsaied...... or.....

More followed trees can be found c/o Squirrelbasket who kindly hosts this meme.


  1. Do you happen to know if the quince tree is growing on its own roots, or was it grafted to a rootstock (usually Quince A or Quince C)? If the latter, it's the rootstock that'll be throwing out suckers and I'm afraid they probably won't develop into the same sort of fruiting quince as the main tree...

    1. I don’t know but I wondered about that. I suspect it is grafted.

  2. I look forward to seeing what comes up...
    All the best :)


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