An Aspistra update

I thought it was time I gave you an update on how my aspidistras are faring.  It is almost the anniversary since I bought my first aspidistras, which in itself is one of those 'doesn't time fly' moments.  The year has gone very quickly,  I think I have lost a few months somewhere along the way.
I bought a few aspidistras in fairly quick succession and then settled down to life with them.
Whilst generally grown as house plants, many are perfectly hardy enough to be grown in the garden.  I have said all along that I will be planting some of mine into the garden at some point, but I wanted them to develop into stronger plants before I did so.
In the meantime I have put most of mine outside into the Courtyard Garden for the summer.  It is the perfect place for aspidistras as it is quite shady most of the time and is generally quite sheltered.
They are loving it out there......
..... loving it.  Even Asahai who has been a bit sulky has decided to produce a new leaf.
Granny Aspidistra, the largest of them all is still living in the lounge.  Granny was the one I bought from the rescue table at a local garden centre.   I recently repotted her into a larger pot and she has grown and grown in appreciation.  She has to be one of my favourite bargains.

Why is she called Granny?  why not.


  1. I just have one, in the darkest corner of the hall and it seems very happy indeed. I did have one years ago and planted it in the garden, but that was the last I saw of it unfortunately!


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