Tree Following July 2019 - one quince to rule them all ....

July already, already July: where is this year going to....

I stand in front of the duo of quince trees and ask them how they are doing.
Quince Minor replies "muther", in a voice not unlike Jarvis Cocker, "I've lost all my quincelets but on the plus side I am a lot less blighty than I have been in previous years."
"look at me muther, look I have new growth developing, next year is going to be wonderful and for now I shall just grow here looking fabulous, promise."
There is a little brown around the edges, but I can only agree with Quince Minor; a couple of years after planting and all is looking much more positive.

and Quince Major you ask?
Quince Major stands tall and impassive.
High in the branches is the lone quince, the sole survivor.  I am not sure that this quincelet, this quinceling, fully comprehends that it carries the hope of the year upon it.  For one quince is fewer than last year but so much better than none.
Meanwhile, Quince Major also has new growth emerging, all is good.

Thanks to Squirrelbasket for hosting this forest of followed trees.