Product Review - Elho 'B.for soft air' indoor hanging planters

I was recently approached by Elho and asked if I wanted to review any of their products.  It took me a while to decide what I would like to try as they have an attractive and extensive range for indoor and outdoor planting.  After some consideration I chose the b.for soft air hanging planter.

I have not paid for these products and I have not been paid to write the post; my words and opinions are my own.

Elho very kindly sent me a few planters to try and I thought for a while about how I could use them to good effect.
The planters come in four colours:  brique, anthracite, white and leaf green.  They come with an adjustable nylon cord and a sturdy hook.  The cord has a neat 'plug' at the end that means you can easily detach and attach the pot to the cord.  This is very useful as it makes inserting plant pots in it easy and also more accessible when watering the plants.
The dimensions are: w 18 x H 16.1 x D 18 cm.  You do have to use a plant pot in them as they do not have drainage holes.  
I liked deciding what to put into the pots as I wanted to have some variety.  I will say that you need to choose plants that will easily fit through the holes and/or are quite amenable to being manipulated.  This is common sense really, but it is worth giving it some thought.
I have hung mine in the conservatory and I really like the look.  I deliberately made the cords into different lengths to give it a nice look.  The pots retails for around £10.00.

Elho state that 70% of the materials they use are recycled plastic.  Like many of us I am anxious about the use of plastic and it is not something I want to particularly use, especially new plastic.  If the plastic already exists then I feel that recycling it is better than just discarding it.  Elho's pots are made with 100% wind power and they have a list of 'Proof Points' to illustrate their approach.

I like these planters a lot.  The colours work well with plants and I like the design.  As mentioned above they are plastic, so they will last a long time which I think makes them good value for money.  I think I will be rearranging mine and trying out different plants in them for some time to come.