Perambulating for Perennial - the Marathon Month

You know when something catches your eye and you cannot quite just look away?


I have been a supporter of the charity Perennial for a few years now.  Perennial was founded in 1839 and aims to support people in horticultural who are in need of some financial assistance and/or advice and support.  I go to some events and I pay my annual 'friend' fee and hope that in some small way I am helping.  Then in May I saw a tweet that advertised Perennial's 'Marathon Month'.  People were being asked to raise funds over the month of June by walking a marathon.  Every step counts, I read, and thought that sounded doable.  I did not think about it for long, I decided I would give it a go.  An email was sent, the fundraising page was set up and I waited for June to arrive.
June 1st was a Saturday and I decided I was going to take Perennial at their word and count every step.  Saturday usually is a gardening day so I started my fundraising campaign with a photo of my gardening shoes; checked that the app that measures how far I have walked in a day was working, and off I went.   I mowed the lawn, I gardened and I walked 3.5km.  I was happy, I photographed my end of day total, updated the website and tweeted my progress.  Some (very) kind people donated, for which I was very grateful and the campaign was all systems go.
The month involved various trips out.  I routinely tweeted photographs of my footwear for the day and updated people as to progress.
I went to Chatsworth Flower Show and the Cotswold Wildlife Park, walking walking walking
Every day I posted a picture of the day's walking footwear.
Week days are usually office days.  It turns out I walk a lot at work.
Maybe not the most suitable of walking attire and yet, as said at the start, every step counted.
Thirty days and several changes of shoes later and June was over.  The walking was complete.  I had walked just over 112 km, which is more than two marathons and far more than I would have believed possible.  I have raised £260 so far which I am very pleased about.  I cannot be more grateful for everyone who has donated so far.  Obviously as I am fundraising for a charity I want to raise as much as possible and it is still possible to donate (gosh is that a huge heavy-footed hint?) (oh yes).

The donation website can be found here:  

Every step counted and so does every penny.