Tree Following June 2019 - a game of two halves

It is a month of good news and bad news in the world of Quince Major and Quince Minor.


First the good news:  Quince Major has lost quite a few quincelets probably due to late frosts and the recent dry weather. However a couple of plump quincelets have hung on and are looking quite positive to me.

It might not be a record year for quinces (bearing in mind the record is seven), but any quince is a welcome quince and so all is well.  
Another bit of good news is look how healthy Quince Minor is looking.  The last couple of years this tree has suffered badly from blight but this year the leaves are clear and green and looking good.
and the bad news?

As mentioned above Quince Major has lost a lot of quincelets and sadly I think that Quince Minor has lost every single one.  Even these that technically are still attached I think are on borrowed time.  They are not fattening up like Quince Major's.  This is a shame, but (focussing on the positives), young Minor had more quincelets this year than last year and does (as mentioned above) look generally healthier.  Maybe next year there will be a quince that makes it through the spring……

Time will tell.

Thanks as ever to Squirrelbasket for hosting this forest of followed trees.


  1. Amazing article and photos, thanks :)

  2. Good years, bad years...
    It has been very cold and wet this summer so far, so I'm surprised your quinces have kept going at all. You (and they) have such perseverance!
    Best wishes :)

  3. Surely important to know. Growing trees is really a long process and gardening should be well-thought of before handling it.


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