National Garden Scheme garden - Oak Tree House, South Kilworth, Leics

The other day I went on a visit to Pam Shave's garden which opens for the National Garden Scheme (NGS).  Oak Tree House is located in South Kilworth in Leicestershire, a mere 20 minute skip for me in the car and so a delight to visit somewhere local.
Oak Tree House is owned by Pam and Martin Shave; Pam is the County Organiser for Leicestershire NGS so I was hopeful that her garden would be rather special.  The visit had been organised by the Garden Media Guild (have I mentioned I am a very proud member of the GMG?) and these visits are always a treat of a day.  The day began in proper NGS tradition with cake.  It was good cake.
I am only going to give you glimpses of this garden, just glimpses; it is too good to spoil it for you by showing it all.  What I love most about NGS garden visits is that there is usually something that makes me go 'oooh' and usually that is something quite simple yet very effective.  Out of all the parts of this garden I loved, the use of foxgloves along this border was my 'must replicate that' moment.  I have good years and poor years of foxgloves and this year has been a poor year.  I now know I cannot leave it to chance so seeds will be purchased and sprinkled.
The garden works well from every angle.

I really liked these orange lupins.  They shone in the light of the slightly cloudy day.
This view takes you down towards the vegetable garden.
It is a beautifully organised, beautifully functional and beautifully beautiful vegetable garden.  It is on a slightly raised terrace to one of side of the garden and a feature in its own right.  I had vegetable garden envy.

This garden has finished opening for this year, but I am sure it will be open next year so please look out for it in the 'Yellow Book' (or on the NGS website...) and whilst you are waiting there are many other gardens to visit.  The money raised from the entry and the cakes goes to charity.  A massive £58m has been raised by people opening their gardens for NGS since 1927 and 80 pence from every pound raised goes directly to the charities they support.  On top of this, whilst enjoying the gardens you can have your cake and eat it in the full knowledge that charity cake has no calories (fact).