Book Review: How to create your garden by Adam Frost

I was very pleased to be sent the new RHS book by Adam Frost: 'How to Create Your Garden'.  I have not paid for this book and I have not received payment for writing this review.  My words and opinions are my own.
I enjoy watching Adam Frost on Gardeners' World as I always think he always seems very practical and sensible.  Adam has won seven Gold Medals at RHS Chelsea Flower Show and started his career working for North Devon Parks Department, he also worked with Geoff Hamilton at Barnsdale.  Adam's credentials for writing a book about gardening are impressive.

The book is in three parts: Design, Build and Enjoy and these are then broken down into different chapters.  Adam talks you through from step one about how to design your garden.  We begin with him telling us about getting to know our space and the importance of information gathering.  There is no point in launching straight into doing things if you do not know what you are dealing with.  Understanding our spaces matter, how the lights behaves in them, what our soil is like and what is happening in and around it.  Very importantly Adam asks us to think about what we want to use our garden for.  I think this is vital as once you understand this then what it needs to look like starts to fall into place.

Throughout the book there are pauses to 'Ask Adam'.  These chapters reflect back on what has just been discussed and ask questions that we as gardeners would ask.  Questions such as: 'Do I really have to draw up a scale plan'?  I am not a great drawer of plans so this is my kind of question.  Yes the answer is yes and Adam explains how it will save time and wasted effort in the long run.

Midway through the book there is a section on 'how I work', which is Adam explaining how he puts a gardens together; working down through the layers starting at big plants/trees and then ending up with the small detail.  It is one of those 'obvious once you have read it' pieces, but it is only obvious once someone has carefully explained it to you.

Every element of creating a garden is in this book, from plant choices to brick laying.  The book ends with Adam talking through how to enjoy your garden and a month by month list of what needs to be done.  The final part of the book is a glossary and useful information on how to calculate quantities and measure accurately.  All very practical and vital information.

I liked this book, if you are thinking of designing your own garden then this book will help you every step of the way.  It is full of useful photographs and diagrams to illustrate what Adam is telling us.  I am happy to recommend it.

How to Create your Garden by Adam Frost is published for the RHS by D K Books and retails at around £20