Tree following May 2019 - the two quinces blossom

The last four weeks have seen a heatwave and near frost.  The quince trees are understandably confused but, bless their little cotton socks, still blossoming well.
When I say blossoming well, they have just passed the moment of peak blossom.  This makes me happy to see them so covered in flowers.
Better still, Quince Minor, who for the last two years has been a bit (lot) blighty, this year is looking healthy and happy and dare I say, sporting a quincelet or two already.
It is just very exciting.
Quince Major is bedecked, absolutely bedecked with blossom.  It is like it has now been in the ground long enough to have settled in and become a proper tree.
There are also small quincelets appearing.
Enough to make me hope for a good number this year.....



we have had recent cold nights and I worry that the quincelets will fall off one by one like heavy rain.

Oh well, worrying never changed anything, time alone will tell.

More followed trees can be found here courtesy of Squirrelbasket.