Tree Following April 2019

There has been quite a lot of weather in the last few weeks: it has been mild, it has been frosty, there has been hail and snow, rain and sun and this has meant that the quinces....
.... are looking lush and green.  That vibrant new green that shines with all the growth that is bursting to happen.
Quince Minor is covered in buds and is looking healthy.  There is (currently) no sign of the blight that has set it back the last couple of years.
I am feeling quite optimistic for it.
Let's just hope we have seen the last of the frost and that these nascent quincelets will soon come to be.
Quince Major is rapidly becoming a mature large tree.
His branches are bedecked with buds.
They are just waiting for a little more warmth and sun and then they will open.  Then the Quest for Quince 2019 will be afoot! (or abranch!).

Am I excited - you bet!

A big thanks to Squirrelbasket for hosting this meme.


  1. Hope this year will bring plenty of fruits to your quinces.

  2. so nice to see the beautiful fresh green color!

  3. Seems to be enjoying the variety of the weather - looking so lush :)


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