There has been plant buying

or should that be more plant buying!

This year has already been a good year for a bit of plant buying.  I love a bit of plant buying and if it is bargain plant buying then I am happy happy happy.
I was at a local nursery the other day and they had these sweetpeas on sale.  In general I do not buy sweetpea plants as I grow them from seed.  I currently have some seedlings growing quite well in the greenhouse and almost ready to go outside.  But these sweetpea plants caught my eye, they were the biggest, chunkiest plants I think I have ever seen.  I kept walking around them, I looked at the price and walked around them again.  They were not expensive and eventually I caved.  This pea is Beth Chatto, one I have not grown before.  It will be planted out shortly.
I also fell for a couple of pelagoniums:  this one is Springfield Black,
and this is Vandersea.  I have potted them on and they are already growing well.  The mild weather has already made a big difference to them but they are staying in the greenhouse for a little longer.

A few days later I went along to my local Hardy Plant Society meeting.  They always have good talks and also there will be plants for sale at most meetings.  It is compulsory to check out what plants there are and, quite frankly, rude not to buy something.  My manners are impeccable (well, not too bad most days), so....
Pretty soon at my feet there was a (reused) plastic bag with a couple of plants in it.

As I looked to my right,
a small plant had appeared in front of the person sitting next to me.  This was a sight replicated throughout the hall.

So what did I buy?
These two little beauties...
This is the Cotton Thistle, Onopordum acanthium.  I have grown this tall biennial previously and it can happily self-seed.  I enjoy a bit of self-seeding.
This is Epimedium rubrum, the flowers are just gorgeous.  I could not resist it.

It was still frosty when I bought these plants so I popped them into the greenhouse for now.  They will get planted out at the weekend.
My final piece of exciting plant buying are these trailing coleus plugs 'Great Falls' bought from Suttons.  I was told about trailing coleus a few weeks ago.  I love a good coleus but had not heard of a trailing version so these just had to be bought.  I will let you know how I get on with them.

I do love new plants.


  1. Person... ha ha ha...

    Gotta love a plant buying session.
    Happy Spring!


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