Preparing for the B Word

I am not going to use the B Word, I confess in many ways I am trying to pretend it is not happening.  My usual responsible attitude to current events has long gone out of the window as I try to avoid news about the omnishambles we are careering towards.  I am not sure anyone voted for the horrendous uncertainty we appear to be in; but in those words that I never like to use, 'we are where we are' even though I think most of us have no clue where that is.

Recently I read about Franchi Seeds 'Brexit Survival Kit'.  I laughed when I read it wondering how seriously to take it and how seriously they mean it.  I thought about it some more and then some more.  I am not the greatest vegetable grower but I do like to dabble.  There are panic-inducing news articles saying we could be heading for price rises and possibly food shortages and so I look at the vegetable seeds I already have and make a decision.
I have decided I will grow more vegetables this year.  I have ordered some plug plants for things I cannot be bothered or struggle to grow from seed (did I mention I was lazy?)   I have some heads of garlic 'Czech Mate'  and also a whole load of seeds.  The garlic has been planted somewhat later than might be usual; but in the thick heavy clay that is my garden, winter planted garlic and onions often drown.  I am hoping that they will catch up ok.
I usually grown potatoes as well, but this year seem to have failed so far to get any seed potatoes.  I need to rectify this.  I love the taste of freshly grown potatoes but they do take up a lot of room.  This year I think I will grow some in containers so I can focus the vegetable beds.

I say to myself what is the worst thing that could happen if it is all actually going to be ok and nothing major occurs.  It appears to me that the worst thing would be I might have a lot of home grown vegetables that will be fresh and tasty and I will know how they have been grown and I think I can cope with that.

I will let you know how my growing progresses, for the rest of the B word progress you can watch the news...... or avoid it......