Product Review - Decorative Solar Lamp 'Lago'

I was recently asked if I would like to trial a garden/outdoor product from  and after a look at their website I chose this spherical 'Lago' solar lamp.  I have not been paid to write this review, but I need to be up front and say that I have not paid for this lamp.  Nonetheless my opinions and words are my own and this post has not been approved for publication by anyone other than myself.
The lamp is made of plastic and not heavy to move around.  It is 30cm in diameter which is a good size to pop into the garden.  It comes with an earth spike and this is a good way of ensuring it stays put.

To set it up you just get it out of the box, switch the little switch underneath to on, take it outside and place the spike into the ground and pop it onto it.  Easy!
I positioned the lamp in this corner of the front side lawn.  I worried that it might be a bit shady there but it is getting sufficient light to charge up its solar batteries.  Once in position you have to wait for darkness to fall.
It lights up well.  This time of year when sunshine is in usually in short supply it only shines for a few hours but it is long enough.  This is brightening up a corner of the garden that greets me when I return home from work and I like to see its light.

What I also like is that I have not really decided if it is in the right place yet.  It could do with the spike pushing a bit further into the ground yet but  I have not quite committed to its position.  I think I need to move it around a bit more before it gets to its forever placing.  Or maybe it will never get a forever placing but will move around the gardening nomadically.  The beauty of this lamp is that being solar I can do this.  I do not have to worry about wires so I just pull the spike out of the ground and try it somewhere else.

I am going to state the obvious that it is made of plastic and like many people the use of plastic is a concern to me.  It is something I intend to own for some time.  Anyone who knows me well will not be surprised to know that I have named the light Rover.

The lamp is as I write on offer at £42.90* and has a full price of £46.90*.  I like the lamp and I am happy to recommend.

*correct at the time of writing