Tree Following - December 2018

and then it was December,

               the quinces are all picked, admired and eaten

                                         and the quince trees prepare for slumber.....

The last few leaves are clinging on

Quince minor, who, let's face is quite frankly a bit blighty and somewhat disappointing, has a few grotty looking leaves left

Quince major, shows her maturity and celebrates her now proven fruitfulness by holding her last leaf with poise and decorum

The quince trees delight as ever, by holding on their leaves the longest

and usually being in the first few trees to leaf up again

Goodnight Quince Trees, may your sleep be safe from frost damage,

and here's to 2019

with thanks as ever to Squirrelbasket for hosting this forest of followed trees


  1. Or as Hamlet would say:
    Good night, sweet quince, and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

    Even your quince's dead leaves are pretty...
    Farewell until next year - it's been a blast :)

  2. What a nice tribute! May we all make it safely through the Winter

  3. Still rooting for Quince Minor! :)


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