Let it rain

It has started to rain, quite a bit of rain in fact, which is currently needed but I am not sure if I can quite use the word welcome.  There will be a point when there has been enough rain, there will be a point where there has been too much rain; but at this point in time my garden is still topping up.  I currently have one out of the three rain-butts full and a half-empty pond following the long hot summer this year.
The ground is getting quite sodden and the days seem grey.  The nights are getting ever longer and the evening pavements delight in their shiny coating which gleams in the street lights.  The puddles stretch out menacingly to catch me unawares as I walk and drive through them.

In the garden everything appears quite grey and brown .  The grass has squelch and that washed out look of aging green.  There is little freshness to be had unless it is bestowed by a crisp overnight frost.  Very few leaves now remain on the trees, the recent windy days have stripped away all but the most persistent.  We have passed the first day of meteorological winter and the days get ever shorter as we wait for the winter solstice. 

There have been a couple of days when I am not sure if we have really had daylight at all.  I got soaked going into work the other day which led to a lot of 'tiddly pomming'.  Of course the WtP experts out there will be shrieking, 'but it's snow that tiddly poms - not rain!' and they are of course correct.  I was tiddly-pomming in the wrong place.  So I went back to the source to find the appropriate song to have in my head, which is  about being a little black rain cloud.....

.....and then I started thinking about having some honey to put on my toast for breakfast and whilst I pondered this I went back to watching the rain.


  1. I know how you feel, the rain seems endless at the moment. My pond is now full, my waterbutts are full, so it can stop now please! A good point of all this rain is that weeds just slide out when I get an opportunity to get out and do some work!


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