Tree Following November 2018 - Quince Crumble

There is only one thing better than the excitement of seeing more than once quince grow; and that is getting to eat the quinces.
Firstly I had to find out how I would know when the quinces would be ripe, this meant looking this up on the internet.  Apparently they turn yellow, smell wonderful and come away easily when you try and pick them.  I waited and waited; I sniffed and I looked at their colour and then, suddenly, they decided they would detach easily - they were ready.  I collected a few cooking apples to go with them as I had crumble on my mind.
The quinces were cut up, they are remarkably firmer than I expected.  They seem more dense than apples.
Then they were stewed.  I do not add any sugar at this point, despite having a very sweet tooth, I find the fruit alone is sweet enough.
Crumble topping was added, it was baked and then custard applied.  It was very good, the quinces somehow made the crumble seem more intensely appley.

Meanwhile on the tree....
the last quince remains.  It is larger than the others and just turning wonderfully yellow.  I give it a little sniff and a twist when I walk past but it does not want to be picked just yet.

This year the quest for a quince has resulted in quince and apple crumble, but next year I have ambitions to make Membrillo.  Time will tell.

Thanks to Squirrelbasket for hosting the forest of followed trees.


  1. How wonderful to have so many quince, your crumble must have tasted amazing!

  2. Seems tasty! It's always nice to eat something you've grown yourself.

  3. I'm entirely envious! My quinces were picked and processed a while back. The last few were poached in honey and sugar syrup to eat with breakfast yogurt. Yum, yum. I bottled the poaching syrup to use as a cordial. It makes a very fine hot drink, especially as there's been colds and flu in the house this past fortnight.

  4. Wooo! I'm so glad that you are having tangible (and edible) results after all these years.
    All the best :)

  5. A sweet story! I am glad for your success.
    Happy Tree Following!


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