Tree Following October 2018 - the penultimate count

Here I am, still counting quinces, and it is still very exciting to have more than one to count.

So let's count:
1 quince
2 quince
3 quince
4 quince
5 quince

Yes dear readers, five quinces. Those of you who are regular readers might recall that last month I had seven quinces, I am two quinces down.  They were quite small ones so it is not too devastating and I am still working on the principle that more than one quince is more than last year so I am winning.

Of course the next stage on this journey is to pick the quinces, they are now getting ripe. They are starting to turn yellow and the scent is getting stronger.  Yes this does mean that I can be found in the garden sniffing the quinces (not a euphemism).  I am already planning what I will make with them and this is nearly as exciting as growing them.

Thanks as ever to Squirrelbasket for managing the forest of followed trees.


  1. I would place these on pa beautiful plate in the kitchen. Dreaming what to make , or just enjoying looking at it. Make a picture before you cook them!! Groetjes Hetty

  2. Looking good! Hope you manage to taste them - eventually :)


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