Irritating Plant of the Month October 2018 - a return visit

Gloire de Dijon is rather a lovely rose when other people grow it.  It is a rose I am very fond of, but the one I have is very weak and has not thrived.
This rose has already featured as the irritating plant of the month in July 2016.  It has hardly improved since then.  I think this is mainly because it is choked with grass and planted in the wrong place.  As usual with these irritating plants, the common denominator in their failure is me.
This is the solitary bud it has formed this year.  It usually has one flower a year, hardly the most  impressive rose I grow.  I usually feed it with liquid seaweed but this year that has not happened.  It has become so pathetic in response to this lack of care that I have decided it is time to kill or cure. I am, without doubt, blaming it for my own neglect.

I have dug it up.

I have put it in a pot using nice fresh compost and some mycorrhizal fungi to give it a bit of a boost to start it off.
I shall keep an eye over it over the winter months and hope that it sprouts anew in the spring.  I am also going to cut it back to give it a better chance.  The rose need to conserve what little strength it has left.

As ever, time will tell.


  1. O, over 30 years ago I grew this three quarters of the way up a three storey terrace house in London. A big regret leaving it behind - it was amazing.


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