Walking on the edge

As someone who lives in the landlocked Midlands, time spent by the sea is always very special. I am not one for sitting on beaches for hours soaking up the sun; but let me wander around staring at the detail of the rocks and plants and I am a very happy bunny.  I have just spent a week on the North Wales coast and a wander along the coastline is always a must.
The formations of the rocks are intriguing. They look almost fitted together with their straight lines running through them and they jut upwards out of the sand.  I believe this is metamorphic rock, possibly gneiss but I know nothing about these things so don't laugh at me too much.
Small pools appear here and there
and shells and detritus rest on shelves.
We became entranced by these limpets and periwinkle snails (I think they are periwinkles, again this is well outside of my knowledge base.
As you would expect it is the plants that take most of my attention.  Hanging on precariously, looking as if it is almost impossible for them to survive.
Yet they find purchase and they grow,
and flower
and soften the edges of the rock bringing opportunities for pollinators.
Its one of those 'aint nature grand' moments.