End of Month Review - August 2018

August has been, well, how do I describe this after such an odd weather year...... August has been normal.  It has been rather nice because of this.  We have had some warm sunny days and some rain; it has been a little chilly at night once and again, but not too chilly.  The garden and I have breathed a sigh of relief.
I  have done some cutting back in the drive-way.  The Pin Oak is shining in the early morning sun, I love this tree more than is reasonable and it has seemed to be totally unphased by the heat and drought.
The Knot Garden is looking ok, but it needs attention.  Try as I might I seem unable to weed out the crocosmia that is looking tatty and in the way.  It is determined to live there and no matter what I do it pops back up.  The lavender edging is weed-filled and needs removal.  One day I will do something about it, one day.
The veg beds are less full of pots now as I have been replanting and relocating some of the many plants that had been resting there in pots.
The broccoli looks a bit tired, it has not enjoyed the heat but I am hopeful it will perk up.  I need to harvest some potatoes, I have not planted many but I do enjoy having a few home-grown ones.
The marigold and cabbage patch has one remaining cabbage so small I bet you cannot see it.  I have sown a mini meadow mix in this bed so next year expect a riot of colour.
Meanwhile this self-sown patch of wasabi rocket is covered with bees, I did not intend to let this patch develop but now it is just pure joy.
Talking of joy, the eucomis and rudbeckia that are growing in pots are looking great mingling together.
and the drosera is gleaming in the sun.
The Long Shoot is still not hugely colourful, but the lawn is greening up well.
and flowers are appearing now they have had rain.  These cosmos seem to have waited patiently and are now getting into their stride.
I always love aster time of year.
Though not quite so pleasing is the large bank of perennial sunflowers that has got rather out of hand.  I need to thin this down to about one quarter of its current size.  Expect to see less of this next year.
Though I have planted some in the Prairie Borders where it has not yet got into its stride so it pleasantly well behaved....... for now.....
The Exotic Border is also quite green and I have moved the Ensete ventricosum into place, but it has stayed in its pot as it will soon be time for him to move indoors for the winter.
The Wild Garden is in its most tame phase at the moment.  A couple of shrubs have been relocated here and they seem to be settling in ok.
The Cercis silisquatrum has been stressed by the drought,
it looks like it might be thinking of flowering again.
The wisteria is budding up again, the third time this year.  I hope it does not over-flower itself to death!
The sedums are proving their worth, they are one of the stalwarts of the garden this time of year.
All in all I am happy with how the garden is at the moment.  It is recovering well from the drought and late pops of colour are now appearing.  I have been cutting back the side hedges and soon my bulb orders will be arriving.  September is such a good month in the garden, so much still to enjoy and the fun of starting the set-up for next year.
The pond remains incredibly low, but there is more of a gleam of water in it now. It has been saved by how deep it is but I got the closest I have ever got to topping it up.

Thanks as ever to Helen for hosting this meme.


  1. Hi Alison. Looks very much like my garden. rather dry! I have just finished cutting my box hedging. Looks like you have not. When do you cut it?

    1. Usually early June and then whenever it needs it, this year due to various reasons its been neglected


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