A trip to Crug Farm Nursery

Have I mentioned I have recently been to North Wales?  I generally visit this part of the country at least once a year, often more than that.  Being a creature of habit I tend to be in the same corner of Wales, sometimes a mile or two this way or that, but generally I am not going to be too far from my usual haunts.  This delightfully means I am within easy driving distance to Crug Farm Nursery.  I do not visit every time I am near much as I would love to, but when I know I am going to have space in my car then it is a must-do visit.
Before I get to the nursery, a wander around the garden is a must.  Despite this weird year for weather there was still colour to see but as (if not more) importantly, shape and form to admire.
The garden is informal woodland style and as you wind through the paths there are moments to make you stop and admire at every turn.
Plants you stand in front of and murmur 'one day I will grow this'. 
I do not grow enough rhododendrons, this a fact I cannot escape from when I am in front of them.
Nor do I grow enough hydrangeas, look at how the butterflies are loving this one (I really need the name of this one please, I have to get one).
and look at the size of it! 
When not looking up, I was looking down, this is a garden to focus on.
It all hangs together beautifully.
and here and there can be found moments to stand and enjoy.  Isn't this old shed door rather wonderful?
But the plants are the thing.  I first saw/heard of Tetrapanax papyrifer Rex at Crug many years ago, I marvelled at the size of it and the wonderful shape and texture of the leaves.  It is a moment of pilgrimage to stand in front of it whenever I return and this year instead of the usual murmur of 'one day I shall grow this', I whispered 'there is one of you in my garden now'.  I bought one earlier this year and I admit to hoping that it gets this big (though the neighbours might grumble......)

but did you buy a plant I hear you ask?
As if I wouldn't?   I was very restrained and only bought one plant and it is this: Tigridia orthantha 'Red Hot Tiger'; which frankly is worth growing for the name alone, but what a stunning flower it is.  It is going to overwinter in the greenhouse.

Did I mention I go when I have room in my car?  Well this year I went to buy the plant and then filled the car up with plates.
but that, as they say, is a whole other story ......



  1. Your post brought back memories of a visit my late husband and I paid to this garden and nursery many years ago. We were having a holiday in North Wales and Crug Farm and Bodnant had been on my wish list for such a long time, I thoroughly enjoyed both of them and came home to Devon with the car full of plants!

  2. It is a great place to visit. It’s always good to come home with a car full of plants


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