Product Review: Empathy 'the biological choice'.

I was contacted some months ago by the people from Empathy to see if I would trial some of their products.  I have to be transparent and declare that I have not been paid to write this review and I did not pay for these products.  My words and opinions are, as ever, my own.

Its taken me quite a while to test these products and that's because I do actually test them.  This year has been rather challenging weather-wise and personally but this actually gave me a very good test for their Rootgrow Mycorrhizal Fungi.
I am already a convert to mycorrhizal fungi, it is a fantastic thing to use when planting new plants, they give the roots the best possible start they can have by helping them increase their nutrient and water uptake.
When I was considering moving house earlier this year, I decided fairly early on that I would not take any of the roses with me, I would just buy new.  I then discovered that two of my most favourite varieties were no longer available to buy.  This meant that I had to decide whether to leave them or risk killing them by digging them up to take with me.  Roses do not enjoy being relocated so it was a risk to try and move them.  I reasoned that it was worth a try as to try and fail was better then not trying at all.  My eyes fell on the packet of Rootgrow and I hoped I had the extra help I would need.

Two rose bushes were duly dug up and potted using the Rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi; I knew it would be a very good test for it.
A couple of months on the leaves look wonderfully healthy and....
The rose has even flowered.  I am soon going to be replanting the roses and you can be certain I will be using the Empathy Rootgrow to resettle them (and before you ask, no they will not go back into exactly the same place they came from).  At around £9.99 for a 360g bag I think this is great value and I still have lots left.  I will be using it when planting in the garden for some time to come.
I have been using the Empathy After Plant on these roses and all my container plants once a week.  It is liquid seaweed based and has worked brilliantly.
As a prime example of how well it has worked, just look at the amount of flowers on my Brugmansia, it has been outstanding this year.  This retails at around £7.49 for a litre and a litre lasts quite a long time.  You do not need to use a lot to keep your plants happy.

If you look closely at the packaging you will notice that the Empathy products are endorsed by the RHS.  This is a sure sign of quality.
They sent a box of great products, I have not been able to use them all just yet but this ericoid mycorrhizal fungi has been used with my poorly camellia.  I am hoping it will work its magic on its poorly roots.  It is too early to know just yet so I will report back.

As I furtled about in the box they sent me there was a moment when a noise 'oooh' was made...
I really liked the look of this mini meadow mix but at that point I thought I might be moving house so I did not want to waste this by trying it and not being able to see the results.  Well fate plays its hand and here I stay and when I was looking at the packet again the other day I noticed it said sow in spring or autumn.  Well, this was indeed fortunate,  I knew exactly where I wanted to try this out...
I want more flowers in my vegetable borders.  So I have sprinkled the meadow mix around these marigolds and tagetes, I watered it in and will report back.  I have to admit to being very excited to see the results.  It says in the blurb I was sent that this is intended to be an 'impulse by', the ooh noise I made on seeing it would suggest this is likely to be effective; I am always susceptible for an impulse buy.  A bag that covers 3 square metres is retailing at around £5.99.

I can very happily recommend these products, they are well presented, well packaged and so far have done exactly what they have claimed they will do.  What more can one ask for?


  1. Liquid Seaweed! Thanks for reminding me. I forgot all about that stuff. Can you recommend a good caterpillar repellent for my roses. They're eating the leaves like it's Xmas dinner everyday!

  2. Sorry to be a pain in the neck, as ever, but I think I ought to add this (I am sorry!)


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