for a few plants more......

I wrote recently about a bag full of plants and the happiness that they brought, well.....
today I present to you the sequel: a box full of plants.

I have been thinking about the lack of colour in my garden at the moment and decided I needed more asters.  I am lucky that I live within thirty minutes drive of the National Collection of Asters holder, Avondale Nursery.  Well where else would I go?  Hand on a minute you say, asters?  Are you so behind the times you do not know that they have been renamed symphyotrichum?  I know, but I cannot pronounce it and I cannot spell it without looking it up.  So for now I am happy in my aster-world.

I was even happier when I got to the nursery and read the sign.
It fate telling me I was right to need more asters.

So this is what I bought....
Agapanthus 'Queen Mother', she is a little tender so will stay in her pot and be kept in the greenhouse over the winter.  I have killed many agapanthus, many, so I am going to try and do better this time.
Sanguisorba 'Foxtail' demanded to be bought.  I have bought a few sanguisorba from Avondale over the years and this is a good addition to the garden.

Excuse me, I hear you say, these are not very aster-ish.  Patience dear, patience.
I bought two Aster frikarti 'Monch', this is probably my favourite aster, I knew that if I came back with no other aster this one was going to be purchased.
I also picked up this Aster amellus 'Rosa Erfullung', who I am sure was a wonderful lady but I admit I think that the Erfullung was probably a character in a moomin story (apologies to any Erfullungs).

They are now all planted in the garden, and just to prove (as if proof is needed), that Monch is the aster of asters:
I popped him with with the Verbena bampton and they look fantastic together.  It almost feels like I am getting quite good at this planting malarky.