Treefollowing July 2018 - the count begins

Patience pays off, (not that I have really been patient but....) the waiting for Quince Major to mature to quincing capabilities has finally fruited (see what I did there?).  Despite worrying a little about the lack of rain for the past couple of weeks, Quince Major has provided me with the opportunity to being a quince-count.

Do you remember the Count on Sesame Street?  Well that is the voice you need to imagine....

I give you...
1 quince

peer closely, 2 quince
3 quince
4 quinces.  Yes, I found four.  It is a bit like the quince-world's Where's Wally, but I think that there are four of the little chubby quincelets.

What about Quince Minor I hear you say?
someone has left a spade resting near to him, his days are numbered......

With due acknowledgement to Sesame Street and the Count


  1. Oh this made me laugh great post

  2. Great news! And sad news... I wonder what that rusty disease is - it looks fungal, do you think?
    Keep watering the Major :)

  3. Sorry to hear about Quince Minor, but what great news from the Major!
    Have a wonderful week!


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