RHS Hampton Court Flower Show 2018 part 1 -The Floral Marquee

It was forecast to get up to 28 degress on Monday when I was bound for RHS Hampton Court Flower Show, so I knew it was a 'take bottles of water and don't forget your hat and sunscreen' sort of day.  It was very glad I did go well-prepared, it was very warm.  Luckily I was 'sidekick' on this journey as I was given a lift to the show.  The traffic was reasonably kind to us and we made fairly good time arriving by mid-morning.  Decisions have to be made when the show is reached, where to start?  What to see first?  The first decision is easy, find a cup of tea and then make more decisions.
We decided that as the temperature was due to rise we would visit the Floral Marquee first in case it got really hot in there.  We were pleased to see that that the edges of the tent were open and fans were blowing the air around to keep us cool.
The Floral Marquee is always a magnet for me,
like a bee drawn to heather it is where I spend a lot of time just looking, admiring and wishing I could buy most of what I can see.
The displays are done with so much care. I loved these geraniums in beautiful boxes.
Hostas were catching my eye at every turn, these ones in hanging baskets were such a good idea.
I loved this display of miniture hostas.  I am on record as not being a great hosta-lover, but I do like a good miniture,
there is something about the more strappy leaves I really like.  I also loved the name of this one, what it must be to be surprised by joy.
The Fibrex pelagonium stand is always a sight to see.
As were these lego carnivorous plants.  They were very skillfully made and will do their job in drawing people to look closer at the stand.
The Senecio 'Angel Wings' that I bought from Chatsworth a few weeks ago was very much in evidence.  The great thing about these stands is that they show you what the plant looks like in context and how you can use them to great effect.
You can stop for a moment and admire how the plants work together.  Your eye is drawn through them to admire the colours and forms and how they contrast and meld.
This stunning crocosmia is the aptly named 'Scorchio' and was a new variety introduced on the Hardys Cottage Garden Plants stall.  It stopped me in my tracks, it is such a good colour and a good sized flower.
I stood and admired cactii, again they are a plant I have a mixed attitude towards, but as with everything I start to see ones I like and one thing leads to another. 
and this display of airplants was delightful.  All I could think of was Cousin It.

So did I buy any plants?
Oh yes, this rather cute Mammillaria hahniana demanded to be purchased, as did .....
this ....Drosera capensis Narrow Leaf sundew plant.  This is my first carnivorous plant.  I look at them often and many leave me rather cold, but this one is a thing of beauty.  I am assured it is easy to look after as long as I only water it with rain water.
So when I got home I found a small bottle and managed to get some rain water out of the virtually empty rain butts.  I am now watching the plant to see when it catches its first fly, this is so exciting.

I will write about the rest of the show shortly.

Part 2 - the show gardens and more


  1. Oh, I know all about it! Last year I visited HCFS too. It was hot like the day you went. And what a show.... I loved it and bought so many things. Groetjes Hetty


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