Tree following June 2018 - we need a chat Quince Minor

Oh Quince Minor, we need a chat.  Now let's keep this in perspective: this is not about Quince Major being the eldest and Quince Major is not my favourite.  But we do have to agree that Quince Major is quincing up well this year.
Quince Major is covered in big quincelets.
Lots of them, the biggest I have ever seen.  I predict a glut of quinces this year, a glut (please note, more than one full size quince constitutes a glut in my book).

and you Quince Minor, what are you up to?
I know you are not not so well developed, but a few quincelets started to form, and then......
they dropped off, one by one,



and then,

you got blotchy
seriously blotchy.

You are clearly unhappy, this makes me unhappy.  I shall feed you liquid seaweed, I shall talk soothingly to you and then...

well if you don't buck your ideas up I will dig you up.


Time will tell.
Thanks as ever to Squirrelbasket for hosting this meme.


  1. sigh ... did Quince Major go thru such a phase? teen awkwardness? rebellion?

  2. Hoping for a speedy recovery!

  3. As Hollis said, maybe it's a phase all young quinces go through?
    I'm glad Quince Major is delivering this year, though.
    All the best :)


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