Stuck in the middle with you......

One of the key features of my garden and probably one of the parts I am most pleased with myself about, is the row of pleached hornbeams.  In the fantasy garden that I think most gardeners carry around in their heads 'if I had the space I would do this, if I had the money I would do that', you know the sort of of thing, well in that garden pretty much at the top of the list was something pleached.

First of all the word itself is just delightful.  I love the sound of it, just saying it makes me happy.  Pleach, pleaching, pleached.  Veni,vidi te frequens lucus as they say (yes I know its not quite right, by hey).
I wrote about the development of the pleached hornbeams five years ago here  At that point there was still the pergola making a break in the row.  The pergola coughed its last about two years ago and I planted a new hornbeam to help create a natural arch instead.  I wrote about this here  Whilst waiting for this new hornbeam to catch up with its sisters I let the side branches grow out in the hope that they might join.

This weekend it was time to give the hornbeams a bit of a hair cut.  Nothing drastic and I checked first to make sure there were no birds nesting in them (which I think is rather a shame that none are).  I then fetched the small step-ladder and joined some of long branches.  This made me very happy.  They are just tied together with string but from a distance that cannot be seen and it is a start.
It also gave me a quandary, as now I think that the middle new hornbeam is not actually necessary.  In fact I think it might be just in the way.
I think it might have to go.....


  1. That's garden making for us...... it does. Xxx

  2. It looks a bit sad to remove the hornbeam but maybe it’s the best. The bigger it grows, the more you feel sorry, so hop, scoop out! Maybe you can replant it somewhere in the garden. Love the project of arching the two trees. Groetjes Hetty

    1. That's how I feel, its better it goes now before it gets more tree-like, its currently just an over-sized twig. thanks :)


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