Product Review: Bosch Cordless Secateur Easy Prune

I first saw the Bosch Cordless Secateur at the Garden Press Event that took place on a snowy day back in February.  I always enjoy this event as it is where companies showcase the products they are wanting us all to be buying over the growing season.  As a result of this event I was approached by Bosch to see if I wanted to trial their Cordless Secateur Easy Prune, and I happily agreed to do so.  I have not paid for this product, it was loaned to me for the period of the trial and I have not received any payment.  The words and opinions in this blog are, as ever, my own.
The secateurs duly arrived.  They felt quite big at first, the handles are not as slim as my usual ones.  These are not usual secateurs though, they have a small motor inside so that you get 'power assisted cutting'.

The secateurs themselves are largely the same as any other good pair you might buy.  They have bypass cutting blades and a wire-cutting feature.  I always like ones that are meant to cut wire as it means I do not ruin them cutting wire with them anyway (tell me its not just me who does this?)

I decided I should go out and give them a good test in the garden.  They are supposed to be able to cope with cutting through up to 25mm.  That is actually quite a sturdy branch if you think about it.
I wandered to the top of the garden where the horse chestnut tree always has this spur that is easy to reach.  I cut the spur off every now and again and it grows back quite happily.
This is about 10mm thick and the secateurs cut through it with ease.  What happens is that you use them the same as any other secateurs, but when it feels that you might need a bit more oomph to get through a stem the little motor whirrs into action and snick-snack you are through.
This branch is probably around 25mm and it got through with no issue.  I was very happy with this but I was not certain that just showing you pictures of cut through branches really tells you what it is like to use this product, so....
I am hoping that this small video a) works and b) demonstrates how the secateurs work as ordinary cutters and also when the motor kicks into action.

All the proper description and technical information can be found here: 

I enjoyed using the secateurs and I am seriously thinking about getting myself a pair as they really are very useful.