Breakfast at The Walled Nursery

The day of the Great Dixter Plant Fair started with rain, most days seem to involve rain at the moment so whilst it was disappointing, it was not unexpected.  By 9am though the sun was shining again and so all seemed to be good for the day.  The plant fair opened at 11am so I decided to pull in another stop-off on the way there.  I have followed the The Walled Nursery on Twitter for several years now and have been very interested in their project to restore the Victorian glasshouses that occupy the site.  It was about ten minutes away from Great Dixter so it seems a good place to visit as I was so close.

As I parked up and wandered towards the entrance I was distracted by a van.  One of the reasons for this trip was to meet up with some friends, but I had not expected to bump into Colin from Swinesmeadow Farm Nursery there. 
Regular readers will know that this is a favourite nursery of mine and I often buy plants from them.  It was also through Colin and Karan that my beautiful ginger cat Bruce came to live with me, so they are counted as good friends.  I knew that they did not have a stall at the show so Colin was there to buy plants.  I found Colin and his guests eating breakfast in the cafe so I joined them for a cup of tea and a catch up.  It made the start to the day already hugely enjoyable.  I wished I had not had my breakfast as their's looked amazing.

Then I wandered out into the walled garden itself to admire the glasshouses that are currently being restored.  This is still very much work in progress, they were gifted some money to do this by the granddaughter of the original head gardener.
This glasshouse is now complete again, it looks wonderful.

I had a brief but very enjoyable stop at the nursery.  It is one of those projects that is important and worthy of support.  I was glad I managed to get to visit at last and I will call in again next time I am down that way.  Now though, it was time to move onwards to Great Dixter.

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  1. It's been on my list of places to visit for a while now, Alison. I think I'll need to have a week's holiday in Sussex/Kent to see everything in that area alone. And I do love a Victorian glasshouse!

  2. Wow, glasshouse looks great 😃


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