Tree Following March 2018 - a flash of green

As March begins we have seen more than our usual share of snow and ice.  On the day I was taking my photographs for this post there was still some snow on the ground.  We have seen temperatures of -7 so I am just hoping that the quince trees have protected the forming quincelets deep within their buds.
I moved closer to inspect how Quince Minor was doing.  This is Q2's second year in the garden and last year she was hurt by a late frost just as her blossom was forming.
There are clear signs of growth, I love the pinkish tinge to the buds.  I have often said that quince trees are superb trees fruit or no fruit;  as I stand here and appreciate the subtle colours I reinforce that belief.

I move forward to inspect Quince Major, who, lest we forget, did produce a solitary quince last year.  A very much appreciated quince.
Q1 is also showing growth.
The branches are tipped by the promise of quincelets yet to come.

I wait, patiently.

Thanks to Squirrelbasket for hosting this meme.