Product Review - This Is It Stores: Christow Gnome on a Bridge Water Feature

I was recently contacted on behalf of This Is It Stores to see if I would help them promote their range of garden water features.  I was not going to have to pay for the water feature, but my opinions and words are all, as ever, my own.  I had a look at the water features I could choose from and this one sang out to me to be chosen.
This is the Christow Gnome on a Bridge LED Water Feature.  Regular readers will know that I do like a good gnome.  I also fully appreciate that this will not be to everyone's taste, but I cannot begin to tell you how much this made me smile.  It is fun and makes no claims to be anything more than what it is.

The water feature is made of resin and is therefore quite light when not full of water.  This is useful as it will not survive being frozen so cannot be left outside all winter.  It is quite sturdy too, it did not feel flimsy or that it might break easily.  There is an LED in the bottom of the 'pool' which when it gets to be dusk makes a really nice effect.  The above photo was as dusk was falling and I hope you can see that there is light making the water sparkle.

The water feature is self-contained, so you add the water and then it recirculates from its reservoir.  A helpful friend has suggested that in the summer it could be filled with prosecco.  I am not suggesting that this is a good idea or indeed whether it will work, but just think about what fun that would be!
It did prompt some interest from the cats too, though Flossy tries to look nonchalant as she walks past.
The water feature makes a pleasant sound of water, perfect to complement a warm summer day in the garden.  The water feature is currently priced at £119.99, which is a saving of 45% on the RRP.

The water feature arrived quickly and without fuss.  I cannot fault the delivery process.  It was very easy to put together and my only real tip is move it to where you want it to be and then fill it with water.  It takes more water than you might imagine and water is heavy.

I am truly delighted with this water feature.  I can very happily recommend it and the service from This Is It Stores. They sell a wide range of garden products from the decorative to the practical and all at very good prices.


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