Irritating Plant of the Month - Magnolia Fairy Blush - again

Is it allowed to feature the same plant twice as irritating plant of the month?  The answer is of course yes, my blog my rules.  So I present to you, for the second time: Magnolia Fairy Blush.

This shrub first was shamed in November 2016, well this is not actually true, when I look back I have been lamenting this plant since 2014 when it was not long planted and already a cause of concern.
When I walking around the garden the other day, inbetween snow falls and beasts from the east 1 and 2, my eyes lingered on this Magnolia.  It was bought on a whim and started to fail fairly quickly.  In despair I dug it up and relocated it and for a brief moment it flowered and looked almost happy.  This was a brief brief moment.  It then resumed its sickly appearance.

I have fed this shrub fairly often and it does look a bit better now.  It does have some nice fat flower buds this year as well so why am I finding it irritating......

.... because I suspect it is all promise and will only lead to disappointment.  If so then my patience with it will be over.  Four years of hoping for improvement is, quite frankly, three years too many.  There are better shrubs I could plant in its place.

I will report back, but if it features three times in the irritating slot then it is a gonner.