Tree Following February 2018 - a glimpse

The nights are getting shorter, or to put it even more positively, the days are now definitely getting longer.  To celebrate this the quince trees are stirring.
Quince Minor is looking a little tufty, last month's rumour of green is now less of a rumour and more of a prediction.  Growth is returning.
Quince Major is also on the move.  The growth buds are slightly pink or is it a hint of coral?  Either way there is movement in the bud department.
The trees are getting plenty of rain but it remains cold with frosts, sleet and some flutterings of snow.  This is not an issue for the trees at the moment as it is season-appropriate.  In fact please could we get all the frost and snow out of the way now and not have late frosts like we did last year.  I need my precious quince blossom to survive.

I am getting ahead of myself, it is only February and the blossom will arrive when it is ready.  I whisper to the tufts of growth "take care and grow strongly, remember you are meant to be providing quincelets."  Do they listen? Do they take note?  As ever, only time will tell.

More followed trees can be found on Squirrelbasket's blog.


  1. Good luck little trees! (And that's a good point now. Get the frosts over before much starts growing.)

    1. Thanks- I really don’t want April frosts like we had last year!

  2. Fingers crossed! (And remember, no touching!!!)

  3. Hope you get some fruits this year :)

  4. Hope the weather stays "season appropriate"!
    Good luck this year :)


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