Snowdrops at Evenley Woods

You know when you think you did something maybe two years ago and it turns out it was nearly four, well, it turns out it is four years since I visited Evenley Wood.  It was a visit that made a big impact on me and inspired me to make some spring bulb plantings that made a big difference in my garden.

As it is snowdrop time I decided it was beyond time that I revisited.  Trusty side-kick in tow, off we went.  The day started misty and soon became more cloudy with the odd burst of sun only for special moments.
We were told when we arrived that if we turned left that we would soon find snowdrops and indeed we did.
There were many clumps and drifts and they are generally labelled as there are several different types to be found.
As we walked on we got distracted by daffodils, mine are no where near open yet so these were a delight. Again they were labelled which was very useful though, admittedly, not hugely attractive.
There were also many winter aconites, which I am very ambivalent about, I love them but getting them to establish in my own garden has not been without challenge.  So I love seeing them but sort of curse them for their abundance.  If they ever reach abundant in my garden I shall unreservedly love them.
We moved on and found these lovely yellow hellebores.  Yet upon lifting the flowers, quite frankly we were both immediately underwhelmed.  They look best shyly nodding, trust me.
Whilst this was a snowdrop walk, the pink fuzz of cyclamen was a delight to see.
I wish they would spread like this in my garden.  I think I have the wrong sort of ants, mine clearly do not wander around with the seeds.
This purple tinge is a joy of Crocus thomasinianus, there was not enough sun to make them open at this point.
Then through the trees we could suddenly see more snowdrops, we had passed many on our walk but this was a good sized patch.
The sun then decided it was time to appear and make them sparkle.
I liked the effect of seeing them through the lace of the Rubus cockburnianus, (snigger).
We walked on quickly past the alien egg hatchery.
and the sun briefly shone and the scent of honey from the snowdrops drifted nicely.
We then found where the Narcissus cyclamineus were starting to flower.  I was obsessed with these narcisssus when I first visited Evenley. They are so delicate and pretty.  As the season develops there are big drifts of them there.
The Camellia Walk was just starting to show some colour,
and we had a hamamelis moment.  I love a good hamamelis.
We stopped at the plant stall on the way out and yes, a small pot of Narcissus cyclamineus jumped into my hand and demanded to be taken home.

It had been a good morning, we had walked a good couple of miles and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.  We were now on to our next destination just twenty minutes down the road......

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